David Barto

David is a gardener and has been in the Collegedale community for 32 years.

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COLLEGEDALE: Where everybody knows your name

"Cheers” was where you went where everybody knew your name. Well, in Collegedale, one of the most welcoming establishments isn't an old bar, but the Verizon store.

COLLEGEDALE: New phone numbers for cookbook

Last week, I mentioned that the Women's Ministry Group of the Chattanooga Seventh-day Adventist Church is selling a cookbook called "Pleasures from the Good Earth" for $20.

COLLEGEDALE: ‘Pleasures from the Good Earth’ cookbook

By the time you all are reading this, we will be on our ninth annual trip to Glacier National Park, where the temperatures will hopefully be lower.

COLLEGEDALE: Get ready for 4th celebration on Sunday

Get ready for a loud Sunday evening. It’s the Fourth of July and you know that means kids selling food, the symphony and fireworks all down on the “Green” in Collegedale. Get there early, I’m guessing that we may just break the 20,000 people mark this year since the Downtown Fireworks will be on July 3 and we won't be in competition.

COLLEGEDALE: Fireworks July 4

I hope I don't sound like a craggy person when I talk about different bothers here in the ‘dale but, and this is to only a certain few: "How many political signs does a town of 8,000 really need?" I would be the first to put up a sign in my own yard, but I haven't seen any on private property, just in public right-of-ways or on city land. I offer this idea: Let’s all vote for the man or woman who puts up the least amount of obnoxious signs.

COLLEGEDALE: Please dispose of Garage Sale signs

A very tired note to some members of community. Please pick up your Garage Sale signs once your sale is over. Leaving them out for weeks is littering, and I am personally starting to believe we should fine folks who leave them out, just as we would someone who throws out a beer can.

COLLEGEDALE: New ordinances in the works

So here is the monthly update on the activities of your Collegedale Tomorrow Advisory Board and what it is doing to prepare our town for the coming of Volkswagen.

COLLEGEDALE: A time of quiet in the town

It's awfully quiet here in Collegedale, since Southern Adventist University’s graduation was last weekend.

COLLEGEDALE: Spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Sunday

It is time for the American Legion to have a spaghetti dinner fundraiser again. It is set for Sunday at Collegedale City Hall from 3-7 p.m.

COLLEGEDALE: Landscape Ordinance delayed for 2 weeks

On Monday night, the few citizens of Collegedale who actually come to the City Commission meetings got to see democracy in action.

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