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Town hall meeting highlights Catoosa’s prevention initiatives

In less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show, a person dies from a prescription drug overdose.

Get your lawn ready for spring

With the final frost of winter long gone, it’s time to get the garden and yard ready to bloom. Randall Stamps, assistant manager of Holcomb Garden Center in Fort Oglethorpe, lists a few things to keep in mind as the season develops. Beyond just making sure you water your plants in the morning before it gets too hot, these tips will take your garden to the next level, he said.

Catoosa County BOE hears Stakeholder-Driven Strategic Plan

Every child, every day, without exception.

Ringgold gun maker aims for accuracy

It could be said that Hershel Anderson has the most accurate aim of anyone in the United States. He holds the national record in bull’s-eye shooting for hitting 159 out of 270 shots fired, garnering him 2,680 out of 2,700 possible points in the annual National Rifle and Pistol Matches.

Vintage Gypsy ready to rock your wardrobe

You may find Iron Fist shoes and Sourpuss clothing in the closet of a punk rocker, but you’ll definitely find it at Vintage Gypsy, a newly opened apparel and home goods store in Fort Oglethorpe.

LaFayette Road revamp hits snags

The $3 million project to revamp LaFayette Road is hitting road blocks before even starting.

New Fort Oglethorpe council member to be appointed

After 16 months of being short a council member, the Fort Oglethorpe City Council may soon have all its seats filled.

Ringgold advances plans for new park

Passpointe Engineering and landscape architect Greta DeMayo have been picked to lead the effort of turning Ringgold Recreation Complex into a park.

Dailey Hill Cemetery under lock and key

Dailey Hill Cemetery is going on lockdown.

Ringgold Power Sport powers up

Racing in BMX races from age 6 to 18, Ringgold Power Sport owner Bonnie Wagner found her love of outdoor sports early on.

Colonnade Doll Show and Sale to benefit RMHC April 5

Some people collect stamps. Some collect wine. Comic books, coins — the list goes on. Ringgold resident Jane Heavener collects memories.

Ringgold COC sends midnight message

Midnight snacks … for the soul? The Rev. Carroll Allen, pastor of Ringgold Church of God, is beginning a midnight church service for people who, for whatever reason, have difficulties making it to the two traditional services on Sunday and one on Wednesday night.

Hutcheson continues to grow despite outstanding debt

Hutcheson Medical Center has more than $60 million in debt that it hasn’t figured out how to repay — but that hasn’t stopped the publicly owned Fort Oglethorpe-based hospital from growing.

Rosewood Assisted Living unveils brand new dementia-care facility

Every 38 seconds, someone is diagnosed with dementia.

Ringgold’s National Title Pawn urges council to reconsider fees

It might just be $1.50, but it adds up.