Off Grid Juice brings healthy, green alternative to town


Andy Lewis and Hannah Wright serve freshly juiced produce from Off Grid Juice.

Andy Lewis often uses his bicycle to get from point A to point B in Chattanooga. It’s been his primary source of transportation for years, he said.

These days, his bicycle is producing much more than an eco-friendly ride.

He and his wife Hannah Wright just started a new business venture in the form of a mobile cart called Off Grid Juice. The cart serves fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables in a refreshing juice concoction made by the bicycle as Lewis pedals.

“I was raised with a focus on nutrition and I’ve always tried to share that with other people,” said Wright, who is studying nutritional therapy through the Nutritional Therapy Association in the state of Washington. “I was just amazed at how many more fruits and vegetables you were able to consume [through juicing]. I immediately noticed how much better I felt, and my cheeks were rosier. I started craving it.”

Lewis said he has been working all winter on combining bicycle, cart and juicer for this new take on the relatively new-to-Chattanooga juice trend.

“We took an exercise bicycle and a hand-crank juicer and, using some spare parts, we were able to combine the two,” he said. “We want to raise the bar on sustainability.”

The pair began plans for their own business when they eloped in Thailand. They lived there for several months and were fascinated — and inspired — by the markets that would pop up. Delivery carts were everywhere offering customers a variety of wares.

“We’d like to bring all this back to Chattanooga, all these things we’ve seen that Chattanooga would totally love,” Lewis said. “And juice is one of the healthiest products.”

Ninety percent of Americans don’t meet the minimum requirements of fruits and vegetables they should be eating every day, he noted.

“But we can meet your recommended amount through one drink,” Lewis added.

Wright clarified that a glass of juice is by no means a meal replacement. For a healthy diet, fiber and protein are also important, she said.

To stay up to date with Off Grid’s happenings, find “Off Grid Juice” on Facebook and keep an eye out for the cart on sidewalks around downtown and the North Shore and at the Sunday Chattanooga Market, which opens for the season April 27.