Soddy-Daisy Hiking Club traverses trails of North Hamilton

When Soddy-Daisy resident George Bonneau was a kid, he and his family lived out in the country. His backyard was made up of 7 miles of swampland.

“That was my playground,” the now-72-year-old reminisced.

His days of romping around swampland as a child have translated into romping the trails of Soddy-Daisy and Chattanooga. As hike coordinator of the Soddy-Daisy Chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association, he and the club venture out into the wilderness every week.

“It’s always a different view,” Bonneau said in reference to why he loves hiking. “I go at different times of year and I change directions. There’s always something new to see.”

The group is mostly made up of seniors ages 60 and up, he said, though it’s not limited to that age bracket.

“It keeps us in shape physically and mentally,” Bonneau said, explaining that hiking isn’t for the faint of heart. “Walking a track isn’t the same as hiking.”

The club has traversed everything from various sections of the Cumberland Trail to 11-mile distances between Heiss Mountain Road and Imodium Falls. They hike to places like Laurel Falls and around Big Soddy and Deep creeks.

To learn more or to get involved, visit sdctta.blogspot.com or contact Bonneau at George.r.bonneau@gmail.com or 842-3619.