Dance center adds ‘Ballroom Magic’ to North Access Road


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Dancers take to the dance floor at Ballroom Magic Dance Center.

It could be the first dance at your wedding this spring. Perhaps it’s the father-daughter dance at your baby girl’s senior prom. Or maybe you’re just looking for a new hobby in order to stay active.

Whatever the reason that piques your interest, ballroom dancing is always a fun activity to get involved in, said Dennis Mullis. The owner of Ballroom Magic Dance Center in Hixson, he offers multiple ways to get involved.

“We have private lessons, group classes and practice parties, when all the students get together and practice,” Mullis said. “It’s like a big family and everyone dances with each other.”

He added that a class for senior citizens age 55 and older is offered every Wednesday morning.

Ballroom Magic has been tucked away on North Access road for nearly five years now. Clients take to the center’s shiny hardwood floors for a variety of reasons, Mullis said, but many of them keep coming back.

“Usually, they have something special they want to learn to dance for,” he explained. “But most of our students stay with us long term.”

Mullis, who has been instructing ballroom dance for the past 38 years, was introduced to the “social grace” a year after he graduated college. He answered an advertisement calling for instructors and, with no previous experience, landed a job and learned along the way — and was hooked.

His favorite thing to see as an instructor is how his students learn, he said.

“I can see their progression and I can see how excited they are at the learning process,” said Mullis. “Once people actually learn to do something in sync with a partner, they feel like they’ve created magic.”

Besides being a great way to meet new friends, he said the No. 1 reason ballroom dancing is beneficial is because it promotes good health.

“It’s a great deterrent for Alzheimer’s because you have to constantly be thinking; you’re thinking and being active at the same time,” Mullis said.

For more information, to schedule a private lesson or join a group class and practice party, visit ballroommagicdancecenter.com or call 771-3646. Ballroom Magic Dance Center is located at 4200 N. Access Road.