New landscaping business ‘takes root’ on North Shore

North Shore resident Tracey Tapscott says there’s something special about coming home to a yard full of flourishing plants. She’s proud of her blooming peonies, glad that her perennials are making her home more beautiful.

Tapscott is the mastermind behind new landscaping business Take Root Landscape Design & Care. She recently partnered with two friends, Robert Kellermann and Amy Parker, to start the business, which puts a focus on unique and quality landscape options.

Jokingly referred to as the group’s “walking plant encyclopedia,” Tapscott said she worked in nurseries for the past 14 years until she decided to step in a slightly different direction.

“I wanted to get back in the design aspect,” she said. “I come from a family of farmers. I find I’m happiest digging in the dirt and planting.”

Each of the three partners has his or her own field of expertise. Kellermann, who just completed his master’s in business administration at UTC, grows his own vegetable garden, while Parker is studying geology at UTC.

“We’re grassroots, starting from scratch,” Kellermann said.

Take Root offers landscaping advice as well as installation and maintenance, said Tapscott. The team can also set up irrigation systems and fertilization programs so that the landscape continues to thrive long after installation. If a plant fades or dies, Tapscott wants to know about it so the team can replace it, she said.

Along with a focus on quality and long-lasting plants, Tapscott said she really enjoys using plants that most people wouldn’t think to use.

The trio works with everything from Crocosmia to Delphinium to Japanese maples and more. Take Root can even help clients who want to plant their own vegetable or herb gardens, she added.

“We’re high quality but we’re affordable at the same time,” noted Tapscott.

Learn more by finding “Take Root Landscape Design & Care” on Facebook or by calling 561-420-9802.