Natural Allure offers healthy, all-natural beauty products

Jennifer Wilson first became interested in natural products when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2005. When Wilson went with her to the neurologist, she paid a lot of attention to the things people with Alzheimer’s should avoid, such as deodorant and traditional candles, she said.

Wilson started out making all-natural, vegan candles out of 100 percent soy, which she has been selling through her e-commerce site Perfect Scents for the past five years.

In April she changed the name of her business to Natural Allure and opened a store at 6401 Hixson Pike, then opened another location at Northgate Mall in May.

Wilson said her candles are made using EcoSoya produced by Tennessee farmers.

“It’s the best soy you can get,” she said of EcoSoya, which contains no paraffin and does not produce carbon monoxide when burned.

She also started making her own deodorant about a decade ago, then moved on to body bars, body balm, lip balm and hand soap, all of which she sells at Natural Allure. Next she said she plans to make her own natural makeup.

Wilson said her deodorant is so natural it is edible. It does not contain aluminum or antiperspirant.

“It controls odor through the natural realm,” she said.

Her body butters can also be eaten.

“I try to get all organic, food-grade ingredients,” said Wilson, adding that she always uses the highest quality of ingredients available, such as extra-virgin olive oil. “Our products are comparable, if not better, than any commercialized beauty place out there.”

Her African black soap, which resembles a granola bar and combats oil, acne and acne scars using cocoa pot ash, is hard to find elsewhere, she said.

Wilson said she makes everything at Natural Allure aside from the ceramic scent burners.

“I’ve eaten and tried everything in here,” she said.

Wilson’s grandmother has been using her products since her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and the disease has stayed at the same rate for nine years, said Wilson.

The store’s most popular products include the peppermint candle as well as the lemongrass candle, which Wilson said serves as a natural insect repellent.

On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15, when customers purchase $75 or more they will receive a free large tote filled with miscellaneous samples for Dad such as shaving balm and spearmint/peppermint deodorant.

She also hosts workshops at her Hixson Pike location during which participants can make their own beauty products and learn how to address their skin concerns using natural products.

The next is scheduled for Saturday, June 21 from 2-4 p.m. The fee is $10.

“Most people stay way longer than two hours,” Wilson said.