LED lights brighten Old Hixson Pike

Mornings have gotten a little brighter for students and parents driving down Old Hixson Pike to Hixson Middle and High schools.

The old streetlights along the roadway were recently replaced with leftover LED lights already purchased by the city from Hixson-based Global Green Lighting, thanks to a request made by District 3 City Councilman Ken Smith.

The LED lights were needed for safety reasons, Smith said, as many inexperienced new drivers use the road to get to school.

Smith talked to Rick Davis, the city’s engineer over street lighting, and asked if LED lighting could be installed on the street, which he said is typically heavily congested during the morning hours.

The lights were installed Jan. 8 and have made a huge difference, Smith reported.

“It lights the entire road and 20-30 feet in the grass,” he said.

Smith said he plans to pursue the possibility of installing the remaining LED lights at other area schools.