Green Door plans move to River Street

Merchandise on sale this month

The holiday shopping rush may be over, but The Green Door Trading Co. is having a major sale throughout the month of January.

The thrifty vintage shop is in transition between its current location on Peak Street and its new location on River Street. While the new location is in a prime spot on the river, it provides 800 less square feet than the current Green Door location, explained co-owner Michelle Kuffrey.

“A lot of what we have is going over there, but a lot of it obviously won’t fit,” she said, adding that less space definitely isn’t a bad thing. “It will be so premium of awesome vintage stuff. Hopefully it will be easier to shop and a lot more convenient to people.”

It also means that Kuffrey, who owns the shop with her husband Paul Kuffrey, is selling a significant amount of merchandise at much lower prices. Michelle Kuffrey said sales will go to at least 50 percent off of select items by the end of the month — and possibly more.

“The goal of the store is to have affordable vintage and unique handmade options,” Michelle Kuffrey said.

The Kuffreys will officially funnel all of their merchandise into the River Street location Feb. 1, marking the shop’s third move since its opening two years ago. The first location of The Green Door Trading Co. was on Georgia Avenue, where it made its home for a year.

The shop has been at the Peak Street location for the past nine months, said Michelle Kuffrey.

“We’ve loved both of our spaces, but I’ve missed having neighbors,” she said. “I like the sense of community about it [the River Street and Frazier Avenue area].”