Grocery Girl brings service to the front doors of Chattanooga

Lesley Hall spends plenty of time in grocery stores.

Browsing the cereal aisle, picking through fresh produce, doling out coupons at the cash register and packing her black Honda Pilot full of paper and plastic — she’s literally a professional shopper.

With her new business, Chattanooga Grocery Girl, Hall takes the grocery lists of Chattanooga residents and does their shopping for them.

“It’s a service; a lot of people just don’t have time to do it, nor do they want to,” said Hall. “I know how hard it is to get to the grocery store or do any shopping at all when you have a full-time job … or kids, and I’ve got the time to do it.”

After Hall lost her previous job in September, she knew it was the perfect time to implement the idea for Chattanooga Grocery Girl, a business plan she said she’s had in her head for the past 15 years.

It’s very simple, she said. A busy mom or a working parent can email Hall a grocery list by 6 p.m., and Hall delivers the groceries the next day.

The list does need to be specific, indicating which brands are preferred. If no brand is indicated, Hall said she chooses the least expensive product.

“I’ll deliver all over Chattanooga,” said Hall. “If I have coupons, I use coupons.”

For grocery stores like Bi-Lo, Hall said she can even use the customer’s rewards card or phone number so they can still receive the fuel perks.

Hers is a much more personal service than other online delivery services, she added.

Her service costs 15 percent of the grocery bill, plus a $10 delivery fee for orders under $50 and a $15 delivery fee for orders of more than $50. Clients should also specify in the order email when they want the groceries to be delivered as well as whether they are paying by cash, check or credit card.

Find out more at chattanoogagrocerygirl.com or by calling 505-2869.