Haynes states goals for District 3

In a speech to the Friends of Hixson and Hixson Kiwanis Club Jan. 22, District 3 Commissioner Marty Haynes announced that Ganns Middle Valley Elementary will be the next school to be built in Hamilton County.

Falling Water Elementary will be closed, and students from both schools will be combined in one building for a 1,000-student enrollment, he said.

“We think that’s the way to go — to consolidate and make things better,” said Haynes.

He said the county eventually plans to combine DuPont, Rivermont and Alpine Crest elementaries, but the new school is not likely to happen in the next two years.

“That new school would help revitalize some of our older neighborhoods,” said Haynes.

An ongoing focus in District 3 is economic development, he said, adding that currently, $100 million is leaving Hixson and is being spent downtown or in East Brainerd.

“I hate the fact that Penney’s has announced they’re leaving Northgate,” said Haynes. “I think if we get more money staying here in Hixson, we’ll get more retailers wanting to locate here.”

Haynes said he also wants to get the greenway connected to the North Chickamauga Creek and get more outdoor enthusiasts in Hixson.