BBQ City serves up delicious homemade fare


BBQ City is a family-run business. Buddy and Carrie Phillips peek through the walk-up window of the restaurant with daughters Eliana, 4, and Delaney, 10, from right.

For a couple of accountants, Buddy and Carrie Phillips sure know a lot about barbecue.

They own the walk-up restaurant BBQ City on Hixson Pike, located on the lot right next to Krystal and in front of Dollar General.

When the former owner of the Choo Choo BBQ that originally inhabited the building offered to sell his building to Buddy Phillips, Phillips and his wife dove in headfirst. Before they knew it, they were restaurant owners.

“It seemed like it just all fell together,” Buddy Phillips said.

The couple moved the mobile building to its new location on Hixson Pike and set up shop last spring.

“We didn’t have a clue what we were getting into,” Carrie Phillips laughed. “We’ve learned a lot.”

Now they’re nearing the restaurant’s one-year anniversary, and they said they’ve not only learned how to order the right amount of inventory and how to work with food inspectors, they’ve learned how to make a delicious barbecue sandwich.

The recipe: Start with a bun, slap on a heap of pulled pork, chicken or beef, drizzle some barbecue sauce and, for good measure, top it off with a healthy serving of homemade coleslaw.

“We try to keep fresh products,” said Buddy Phillips, who, after lots of experimentation, perfected the restaurant’s barbecue recipe. “I’ve just always enjoyed cooking; experimenting, trying new things, seeing how things turn out.”

All of the menu items are homemade — the barbecue, fried okra, potato salad, coleslaw, fried pickles and more — and much of it is cooked to order, which Carrie Phillips said is the reason customers love the food.

BBQ City is located at 4848 Hixson Pike and can be reached at 531-1765.