MCR Foundation plans walk, prepares for new leadership

Sometimes it’s listed as malnutrition. Other times a heart attack or another type of organ failure.

Rarely is the cause of death on a medical report listed as an eating disorder, according to Mary Cameron Robinson Foundation Executive Director Jenny Johnston.

But an eating disorder was what ultimately caused the death of Mary Cameron (Cammy) Robinson in 2005.

Nine years later, the MCR Foundation is still holding its annual A Walk for Cammy’s Cause in honor of Cammy and to educate the public about eating disorders.

“The MCR Foundation is sort of like a gatekeeper or the beginning of where to start when someone has an eating disorder,” explained Johnston. “We’re the only organization that offers resources and help and support to families in the Chattanooga community. People come to us and we know who is out there in our community who can do the counseling for specific eating disorders.”

The 3-mile walk, to be held this year at Coolidge Park Saturday, Sept. 6 at 9:30 a.m., is meant to be a proactive day, she said. Along the walkway, signs will be set up to engage and educate participants with statistics and tips on how to talk with loved ones, and more.

The event will also feature children’s activities, Johnston added.

“It’s a good way to start the education [on being body-positive],” she said.

Johnston has been with the organization since its second walk, but soon will leave as new Executive Director Emily Poe Collier officially steps in Sept. 15.

Though the MCR Foundation will see new leadership in the coming year, its mission will remain the same, said Johnston.

“Part of what we do and have done and will continue to do is provide resources for families, patients, school systems, nurses, physicians and medical teams,” she said. “We want to continue to be on top of the knowledge and be the gatekeeper, so when families are in need they have a one-stop place to go.”

To find out more about A Walk for Cammy’s Cause, visit mcrfoundation.com.