Hipster Vibes mellows Hixson Pike

Tie-dye, peace signs and a generally groovy atmosphere — a step inside Hixson Pike’s new Hipster Vibes is like walking right back into the 1960s.

The shop opened its doors in late June, providing funky clothing, incense, candles, jewelry, water pipes and other smoking paraphernalia, and more.

The tie-dye tops and sarongs are dyed by owner Caitie Hart herself, who said she knew she could make her tie-dye merchandise more original and unique if she did it herself.

“I’ve always had an interest in hippie-type stuff,” said Hart, decked out in a colorful sarong and a cheerful yellow daisy in her hair. “I wanted to open up a place that gave off good vibes and attracted good people.”

She’s lived in the Hixson area since third grade, but Hart said she specifically chose Hixson for her new shop because of feedback from friends and other locals.

“We’d talk to people who’d say, ‘Dude, we need something like this in Hixson,’” she laughed, saying lots of customers who have stopped in have commented on the convenience of the location.

It’s been half a century since the stereotypical hippie’s heyday, and Hart said the modern hippie is passionate about community and bettering the world for others.

“Mentally, I feel like it’s the same [as in the 1960s],” she said. “[We want] to spread good vibes and spread the love with everyone around. You embed yourself in the community to better the environment and the world and to do good things for it.”

One way Hart said she plans to do that is through partnering with local community members who would like to sell their art in the shop. She said she’s already had inquiries from local artists and crafters.

To feel the good vibes for yourself, Hipster Vibes can be visited at 3902 Hixson Pike. Find out more by calling 805-7974 or visiting facebook.com/hipstervibes.