City of Red Bank reports on debt, expenditures

The city of Red Bank recently reported on its debt obligation.

The city is taking out a $261,934 loan at a 2.37 percent interest rate to take care of needs in the Public Works and Judicial departments.

The city chose to accept the Clean Tennessee Energy Grant and amend the 2015 budget to appropriate $87,924 for the Public Works Department. The city’s portion of the 50-50 matching grant is $43,962, which will cover energy-saving improvements to city buildings such as new windows.

The city also authorized a $17,498 contract for the purchase of a sand and salt spreader, which will more efficiently spread sand and salt on city streets when it snows.

A $36,630 contract for the purchase of a pavement sealer was also authorized. City Manager Randall Smith said this will allow the city to seal cracks in the roadway and prolong the life of the pavement.

The fire chief’s truck will be replaced with a $25,869 2014 Ford pick-up truck, a new dump truck will be purchased for $78,518 and a side-arm mower to allow the trimming of hard-to-reach places will be purchased for $33,937.

In order to keep paperwork down to an acceptable level, the city has hired an additional full-time deputy court clerk. Smith said the clerk’s salary will be based on experience.

“Now is the time to bring a second person in to make that system work,” said Commissioner Rick Causer. “It’s really overloaded.”

The city also authorized the purchase of a new prisoner transport van for $33,238.50. The purchase will save the city money on gas and manpower, said Smith.