Red Bank citizens envision improvements

Red Bank residents gathered at the Red Bank Community Center April 24 to share their ideas on how to make the city a better place to live, work and play.

They were asked to write their ideas anonymously onto large white sheets of paper separated into categories such as natural environment, recreation, connectivity and built environment during the informal public meeting. Here’s what they had to say:

Natural environment

Many residents want to see more walking, hiking and biking trails in the city. Providing creek access was another suggestion. One resident noted that Red Bank’s long, narrow size provides the opportunity to create distinctive entry and exit points to the city. Residents want signs kept to a minimum and the number of billboards currently in the city to be reduced.

They would also like to see a buffet-style restaurant, such as a Western Sizzlin, or a restaurant like Bea’s downtown or Park Place in Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.


Residents feel Red Bank needs more park areas. It was suggested that the old middle school property be turned into more ball fields with a surrounding walking track. One resident suggested a recreational facility modeled after the Cumberland Youth Foundation in Brainerd. Other ideas included outdoor volleyball courts, disc golf and bocce ball.


Access to public transportation would be beneficial, wrote one citizen. Residents suggested the city find a way to create more foot traffic in Red Bank. One citizen pointed out that people need a reason to come to Red Bank, and that adding more ball fields in the old middle school location would provide a reason.

Another resident wrote that while the sidewalks on Dayton Boulevard are helpful, it is difficult to cross the road. Several citizens mentioned that the Ashland Terrace and Morrison Springs Road intersections at Dayton Boulevard need work. One resident suggested roundabouts. Another citizen wants a family-style restaurant where Morrison Springs meets Highway 27. Providing incentives for artists to move into the city was also suggested.

Built environment

Citizens had many ideas concerning the city’s built environment. One resident suggested an arts-oriented community center, and another wants a movie theater. The town has several commercial buildings that need to be renovated or demolished, one citizen pointed out. Residents also want a library, more senior activities such as pickleball, increased infrastructure to support families, and curbside recycling.

The ideas gathered will be used to help develop Red Bank’s land use plan that is currently in the works. Check future editions of North Hamilton Weekly for updates on its progress.