Red Bank seeks citizen input

If you could make the city of Red Bank take any shape you wanted, what would it look like? Have you been to a charming small town recently whose features you wanted to incorporate into your own?

As Red Bank continues to change and grow, city officials want to make sure their vision for the town incorporates the citizens’ wishes.

The city is holding an informal public meeting at Red Bank Community Center Thursday, April 24 from 6-8 p.m.

“This is an effort for us to receive ideas and input from citizens on how they would like to see Red Bank grow in the future,” said City Manager Randall Smith. “They live here and have a vested interest in what happens. It’s their city.”

He said the city is currently in the process of revising its codes and developing its first-ever land use plan.

“We’re hoping to use the information [gathered through the public meeting] to construct a land use plan that will guide development for 20 years,” said Smith.

Red Bank Community Center is located on Tom Weathers Drive behind Erlanger North.