Women’s Expo a first for Islamic Society

Annoor Academy and the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga are hosting their first ever Women’s Expo this weekend for the women in the Muslim community.

The expo will feature all female vendors concentrated in health, beauty and spirituality, said Ameenah Debbie Shaidu, principal for Annoor Academy, an independent Muslim school founded by the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga.

“It’s really geared toward women in these three areas, which are important to bring to them,” she said. “We’ll have the American Red Cross, fitness help and even nutritional information available to these women, as well as spiritual talk.”

The vendors will be targeted to the Muslim woman’s needs: health information for women of different ethnic backgrounds, safety demonstrations by the Chattanooga Police Department, as well as oils, hijabs and other items of the Muslim faith items for sale.

“It’s great for us women to have this information available to use and to be a part of the community,” Shaidu said. “These resources are important to women of all ethnicities of the Muslim faith; for example, the health risks associated with some backgrounds.”

She reached out to many local vendors and received positive feedback and involvement from many in the community, she said.

Shaidu said she’s seen a small but steady growth of Muslims in Chattanooga as many families move here for job opportunities.

“Usually women are taking care of their children and their families and their homes, and taking care of themselves falls to the back burner,” she said. “This is a day for them to forget those things and help themselves be healthier and happy.”

The event is being held from 1-4 p.m., Saturday Nov. 16 at the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga Center, located at 2533 Gunbarrel Road.