Ringgold Middle School rebuild complete

Ringgold Middle School is whole again. Last week, on the day they returned from the Christmas holiday, students and faculty moved into the replacement for the school’s eighth-grade wing, which was destroyed by a tornado April 27, 2011.


David Kammerdiener directs the Ringgold Middle School Chorus. He sports a shirt that expresses the general feeling of all RMS students, who recently gained access to their entire school again. The rebuilding of the eighth-grade wing, which was destroyed in the April 27, 2011 tornado, was recently completed.

“I’m excited to have the eighth-graders back,” principal Mike Sholl said. “This offers kind of a sense of closure from the disaster. We are all — students and faculty — happy.”

The 42,187-square-foot building contains 14 classrooms and three science labs for use by eighth-graders as well as band, chorus, art and computer classrooms for use by the entire student body.

“Adversity has revealed who we are,” Catoosa County Schools Superintendent Denia Reese said during an assembly marking the first day of classes in the school’s newest addition. “We are survivors. I am very proud of your Tiger spirit and proud to welcome you home.”

Immediately following the tornado RMS students continued classes at Heritage Middle School. During the 2012 school year only the eighth-graders were unable to return to their home campus, and instead occupied temporary quarters at nearby Ringgold High School. Last week RMS again became a solitary campus.

“I love it, and not just the fact that it’s a beautiful building,” assistant principal Jeff Fricks said. “I like being back at the middle school. This is home.”


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