Collegedale’s Kelly Brown is ‘Labeled Girl’

Anyone looking to get organized in 2013 needs look no farther than Collegedale’s Kelly Brown.

In addition to the successful weddings and events planning business she co-owns and operates out of downtown Chattanooga, Brown also recently launched an organizational consulting business called Labeled Girl.

“With this business I really want to start getting people into a more organized state of mind,” she said. “It’s not really about filing and boxes and all of that. It’s about training people to find a process and put systems in place that they can keep up.”


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Collegedale resident Kelly Brown recently started a new small business called Labeled Girl that is dedicated to helping people organize their offices, homes and workspace. She is available for organizational consulting and as an on-call personal assistant.

Brown’s consulting starts with a two-hour on-site consultation at a person’s home, office or business, where she assesses the situation. From there, she works with the client to create a strategy for getting organized, completes as much as possible in the two-hour time frame and then takes the next week to write a detailed step by step organization plan for the client. The client can either take the plan and do the organizing themselves or hire Brown to come back and complete the tasks for them.

“I feel like doing this, the one struggle I’m going to have is people’s pride,” said Brown. “But I think the important thing to remember is that being a disorganized or cluttered person doesn’t mean you’re gross. It just means you don’t know where to begin. Once people get a starting point it’s much easier to continue on that organizational journey.”

In addition to consulting services, Brown is also offering services as an on-call personal assistant. She said her motivation for adding that service to the business was seeing people hire a babysitter in order to do things like go pay bills when they really would prefer to be at home with their own kids while someone else paid the bills. Brown said she wouldn’t mind being that person.

“I can do anything you could possibly delegate to another person,” she said. “I can walk dogs, wait for your cable guy or go drop off bills. I don’t know of anyone who can afford to hire a personal assistant on staff all the time, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t have access to someone who does it freelance.”

Under the umbrella of Labeled Girl, Brown is also offering presentations to local groups. She said she can provide a general organizational session or work with a specific group to create a custom presentation for its needs.

She said she is willing to travel up to 35 miles from downtown Chattanooga for consulting work and presentations.

“If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of a clean room or a clean car, having organization means feeling like that all the time,” said Brown. “It doesn’t always mean your house is going to be clutter-free or that you’re going to have a spotless house, but it does mean you’ll be able to put in less effort the next time you need to get organized, because you already have a system in place. Being organized also means it’s easier to accept help, because you can delegate and dictate better.”

For more information about Labeled Girl visit www.labeledgirl.com or call 443-9719.


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