Signal doctor Spalding featured on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’

Signal Mountain podiatrist Dr. Robert Spalding was recently featured on CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360,” where he shared tips with viewers on how to stay safe when patronizing nail salons.


Contributed photo

Signal Mountain podiatrist Dr. Robert Spalding, right, visits with Anderson Cooper after giving his expert opinion on nail salon safety on CNN news show “Anderson Cooper 360.”

Cooper’s producers found the “Death by Pedicure” author online and asked him to share his expertise on the show, which also featured a woman who had been permanently disabled by a chemical solution applied during a routine pedicure.

Spalding said he is currently updating “Death by Pedicure” as well as developing a website where manicure and pedicure lovers can rate salons in their area at safesalonrating.com.

Here are a few of Spalding’s recommendations:

n Avoid shaving your legs 24 hours before a pedicure. “Every time you shave your legs, it actually cuts the skin,” he said. “Make sure you don’t have any cuts or lesions; you’ll have portals for infection to get in.”

n Request new tools. “Something as simple as a nail file can be all it takes to break the skin,” said Spalding.

n Beware of online deals. When very low prices are advertised, chances are greater the salon neglects sanitary procedures, Spalding said. “You may not be getting a special deal; you may be getting a big problem,” he said.


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