The Cigar Man opens on Main Street

For Terry Turner, smoking a cigar is kind of like sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

To him, it’s a chance to unwind and either read a good book if he’s by himself or leisurely chat with friends.


Terry Turner, also known as “The Cigar Man,” showcases some of the hand-rolled cigars he sells at his shop on Main Street.

“I love cigars,” he said. “And I like building relationships with people. To quote a pretty common saying, ‘Sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar.’ It’s all about relationships and the community.”

At 514 E. Main St., Turner said he is building the local cigar community by offering a variety of cigars including boutique brands and those by large manufacturers. The selection’s price point ranges from $1.50 to $12 per cigar.

So far, Turner said, the best part of being in business has been helping people find the cigars they like best and learning from his customers about their own preferences.

“I only sell quality hand-rolled, hand-crafted cigars,” he said. “I really try to help educate people and help them find out what they like. There are so many flavors out there it’s hard to know where to start. You know, I like broccoli and I like banana pudding, but I don’t usually eat them together.”

From infused tobacco that tastes like coffee or beer to tobacco that tastes like a dessert, Turner said cigars have a wide variety of flavors that is dependent on how they are blended. Naturally, tobacco picks up the flavors of its soil and the things it’s grown around, so there is an infinite number of ways to shape the taste of a cigar during the blending process.

Preserving the individual flavor of each cigar is the main reason he keeps them enclosed in separate humidors and doesn’t allow smoking in the show room, he added.

“Each cigar is blended specifically by a blender and it takes years to blend that cigar just right,” said Turner. “If you put them in the same box or aren’t careful, there can be flavor crossover.”

The store owner said he hopes to expand in the store’s current location and eventually create both an indoor and outdoor smoking area.

“I just want to grow as the business directs,” he said. “We want to grow and keep the overhead down so our prices can remain competitive.”

For more information about The Cigar Man, contact the shop at 618-9993 or visit www.facebook.com/cigarmanchatt.


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