High Country Archery brings new retailer to Hixson

Doc Crowe is thankful for movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Avengers,” but his appreciation of the films doesn’t have much to do with cinematography.

Since the release of these movies, the Archer’s Choice store manager said he’s seen an increase in the number of people interested in the sport of archery, and he especially likes the fact that more women and kids are getting interested.


Doc Crowe is thankful for movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Avengers,” but his appreciation of the films doesn’t have much to do with cinematography.

“It’s not so much about making money or selling a product,” said Crowe. “It’s about growing the sport.”

Located at 3889 Hixson Pike, Archer’s Choice is a retail outlet for High Country Archery, a bow manufacturer located in Sale Creek. Since recently opening last fall, Crowe said business has been better than expected and he’s seen a wide variety of people take interest in both archery and the new shop.

“Basically what we are here is a retailer, showroom and outlet for High Country Archery,” he explained. “We also provide service work for any kind of bow. If you can think of it, we can probably do it.”

Additionally the store sells a wide variety of accessories, has a small range for people looking to test out a new bow and offers lessons for $25 an hour.

“Chattanooga has done a great job of getting people outside and promoting that lifestyle, so we’re just trying to add on to it,” said Crowe.

With used bows starting as low as $99, he said people can pick up an archery hobby for the most competitive price in town. Once the essentials are purchased, maintenance and upkeep isn’t a big expense, he noted.

“We recommend you change the strings every two to three years, but other than that there’s really no upkeep cost,” said Crowe.

From experienced bow hunters to target shooters who are just starting out, he said the staff at Archer’s Choice can get anyone set up and give expert advice.

“When you come in here you’re not just going in and buying a product off a wall,” said Crowe. “Since we manufacture these products we know everything about them; all the ins and outs. You can come in here and get expertise and correct answers to your questions every time.”

One of the new products he said he is particularly excited about is a compound bow for kids that can be adjusted. Instead of buying a new bow after every growth spurt, this bow can be lengthened or shortened to the right length, so parents don’t have to worry about how they’re going to afford the next bow.

“With this store we wanted to break the mold and get people out of that traditional mindset about archery,” said Crowe. “I think a lot of people get intimidated because they’re not sure about archery, but we just want to help people learn about it and grow the sport. We also want satisfied customers every time they walk out the door.”

For more information, call Archer’s Choice at 443-4138 or find the store’s page on Facebook.


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