Chickamauga Telephone now offers triple play communications

After months of teasing its customers, Chickamauga Telephone Company is now making good on its promise to deliver triple play — combined telephone, Internet and television — services.

“There are a very few exceptions, but this is available to about 99 percent of our customers,” company spokesman Ted Austin said.

Whether a customer’s home or business is served by copper wire or fiber optic cable, an expansive range of broadcast channels and broadband speeds is available, he said.

CTC Television offers television service at a variety of price points ranging from a 14-channel “Limited Basic” package for about $15 per month to an “Expanded Basic” package of 79 video and 25 music channels at a monthly fee of about $56. Customers can add an additional 35 video and 25 music channels, premium channels such as HBO or Showtime, and high-definition programming if they have fiber optic service.

“We were kind of overwhelmed with the response but, so far, no problems,” Austin said. “Everything is working real well and we’ve only gotten positive feedback. In fact, some people are deciding to add additional services after trying it for a few days.”

While lineups are extensive, there are still a few channels that CTC hopes to add in the near future.

“We’re in the process of working with Judy O’Neal to have UCTV delivered to our service area,” Austin said.

The local telephone company is also marketing high-speed Internet service at several speeds and prices.

Copper wire customers can avail themselves of DSL with download speeds that range from 256K to 6MB and prices from $19.95 to $49.95 per month.

Customers whose service is delivered via fiber optic lines can choose from download speeds of between 10MB and up to 50MB for prices ranging from $29.95 to $59.95.

“We actually qualify their lines so we can tell people what is actually available in their home or business,” Austin said.

In addition to its new offerings, CTC will continue providing basic local telephone service at a flat rate of $13.30 — plus fees and taxes of about an equal amount — throughout the area.

“We will be happy to talk with anyone having questions about what we offer or what is available in their area,” Austin said. “They should call our main office at 706-375-3195.”


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