Pollard Clinic adds new doctor, programs

The Pollard Clinic has added a new doctor, Thomas Donnelly, who is bringing new programs and facilities to the established Red Bank chiropractic clinic.

Monday nights he holds a Wellness Orientation Workshop, with the next focused on “The 100-Year Lifestyle” set for Monday, Feb. 18 at 6:30 p.m.


From left, chiropractor Dr. Jack Pollard, who has been practicing in Red Bank for 31 years, is now joined by Dr. Tom Donnelly at his office.

“They’re going to get older whether they like it or not, so they might as well enjoy it,” said Donnelly, who had a solo practice for 15 years in Grand Rapids, Mich.

He said the broad-based 45-minute program spans a range of topics from one’s own personal fulfillment to diet, exercise, finances and dealing with other people. These factors all affect the central nervous system, which is how they relate to chiropractic care.

“As doctors, I believe we should promote a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “Pain is not a lifestyle.”

Dr. Jack Pollard, who has been practicing at the Red Bank location for 31 years, said the workshop is an opportunity for people to learn how to handle issues that are common, such as menstrual problems, but not incurable.

Donnelly has also added an exercise room to the office, where he teaches patients active resistance exercises to do at home to tone muscles, decrease pain and prevent injury.

Pollard said Donnelly joined the office when he was experiencing health problems several months ago.

“The patients liked him, so I asked him to stay,” said Pollard, who also recently added a massage therapist to his staff. “We wanted to complement the adjustments and treatments we do for musculoskelatal injuries.”


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