Smiles of Chattanooga gets facelift, new dentist

The soft whirring of dental appliances has been temporarily replaced by the clamor of electric drills and table saws at Smiles of Chattanooga. Fortunately, this isn’t because the resident dentists have decided to change their method of operation.


Construction is ongoing at Smiles of Chattanooga, but Drs. Daniel Cosby, left, and Robert Gallien said the renovations will be complete in mid-February.

Instead, the dental practice on Highway 58 is undergoing some major cosmetic dentistry — with a remodel of the entire office and an addition of a new dentist to the team.

“Over the past two years we grew at such a fast rate that we could no longer accommodate our patients,” said Dr. Robert Gallien. “Major changes include everything; it’s a complete remodel.”

Gallien said he and his team have installed the latest technology, including a special machine that can create a crown in a matter of minutes. From the plush waiting room to the 11 sleek and well-stocked patient rooms, each with a sliding glass partition for privacy, Gallien said the changes were all done in the name of service and with growth in mind.

“I know that service is king. I think there’s a lack of it in today’s society,” he said. “We know the value of people, so we are good to people. As an added bonus, we get to dramatically change people’s lives forever.”

Each patient room contains a flat-screen television that can be situated directly above the patient for entertainment during the visit. Also placed in the examination rooms are “comfort menus” that include extra services offered such as Bose noise canceling headphones, an iPad or iPod with Wi-Fi, nature videos to watch during a cleaning, laughing gas or sedation for patients who experience anxiety, specially blended numbing gel, aromatherapy scents throughout the office, chiropractic neck pillows and even lip balm.

Dr. Daniel Cosby is joining Gallien at Smiles of Chattanooga. A Chattanooga native who studied in Memphis and practiced in Manchester, he said he wanted to come back “home” to really settle into a practice.

“The satisfaction, the joy of helping people; that’s how I knew I wanted to be a dentist,” said Cosby. “I get to see their smiles change and see their lives change. It’s like family.”

The two dentists offer everything from simple cleanings to more serious procedures and cosmetic dentistry. The only thing they don’t offer is procedures that are extremely complicated, which Gallien refers to specialists he knows and trusts, he said.

But Gallien makes it his mission to continually learn new things and procedures; he attends more than 100 hours of continuing education courses throughout each year, though dentists are generally only required to attend 20, he said. Cosby is on board with this priority, saying he had around 180 hours of continuing education credit for the past two years.

“I am happy to come into work. Not everybody has that,” said Gallien.

“We learn a lot from each other too,” added Cosby.

The renovations to the office are set to be complete by mid-February, said Gallien. In the meantime, the office is still accepting patients as usual, with a bright smile at the door along with the promise of a great experience.


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