Signal OKs new street criteria, road plans

The town of Signal Mountain recently adopted its new street criteria, affecting any new roads developed in the town.

“The major thing we did was to change the width of pavement from 28 feet to 22 feet,” said Public Works Director Loretta Hopper.

In doing so, the roads will be less expensive to build and maintain over the years, she said. Opting for narrower roads also reduces the amount of impervious cover, which affects the amount of water runoff.

“It reduces storm water runoff; it also helps slow vehicles down,” said Town Manager Honna Rogers.

She added that the new street criteria also changes right-of-way regulations, which now do not require as much clearing in order to conserve as many trees as possible.

Anyone who wishes to develop a piece of land in the town, such as the recently proposed Wild Ridge at Fox Run subdivision by Jack Kruesi of Wild Acres Inc., must now adhere to the new street criteria, said Hopper. Copies of the new criteria can be found at http://signalmountaintn.gov or picked up at Town Hall, 1111 Ridgeway Ave.

Other technical aspects of the criteria were revised and adjusted to coincide with the town’s yet to be approved subdivision regulations. Rogers said those regulation revisions focus more on conservation of green space than the previous regulations.

She added that the Planning Commission has completed a draft of the new subdivision regulations and will hold a public meeting to discuss the revisions in March.


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