Residents share their district’s top issues

Friends of Hixson and Hixson Kiwanis Club invited candidates for Chattanooga City Council districts 1 and 2 to participate in a forum Jan. 31, during which the candidates sounded off on a range of topics from crime to city infrastructure.

We asked members of the audience to let us know which issues they feel are most important and what they think should be done to address them.

Ken Mara, District 2 resident

“Crime and city services. I think there’s a lot of wastage in city services. I’m concerned about crime in general. City services can be very easily addressed; crime’s a lot bigger issue. More police dollars [might help].”

Julie Cooke, Realtor, District 3 resident

“Neighborhood safety and crime. Young people who don’t have anything to do are looting cars and devaluing property.”

Brenda Errickson, District 3 resident

“There’s too much vandalism in this area. I think we might need to have more policemen. Neighborhood Watch is great, but when we called it took them an hour to come out.”

Leigh Ann Goebel, District 3 resident and business owner

“The city’s creating competition for small businesses with the free services they’re offering at the Hixson Rec Center. When you’re in an area where people can afford to pay for services small businesses already provide, it rubs me the wrong way. They’re taking small business owners’ tax dollars to create competition for taxpayers.”


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