Friends of Hixson launch joint community meetings

After recently hosting a joint City Council candidate forum with the Hixson Kiwanis group, the Friends of Hixson is planning to create an ongoing partnership with the Kiwanis by co-hosting monthly community meetings for anyone in the area to attend.

Friends of Hixson steering committee chairman David Queen said the meetings, which will begin in February, will include speakers and discussion on topics that relate to residents, business owners and people who simply spend time in the area.

“It will be a time for the community to come together to find out what’s going on and voice their opinions on the issues,” he said.

The breakfast meetings will be at Creek’s Bend Golf Club the fourth week of each month from 8-9 a.m. The meeting has been set for Feb. 27 and will feature Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

“We are really grateful for [the Kiwanis Club’s] collaboration on this forum and the monthly meeting series,” Queen said.

These initiatives will hopefully help the Friends of Hixson achieve some of its goals for the area that include adding more public art to the community, extending the greenway and creating an overall climate that attracts young families to the area, he said.

“We’re not really a political group,” said Queen. “We’re just an interactive group of community-minded people who came together to help improve the community.”

Since Hixson is spread across three different City Council districts and part of it lies solely in the county, he said that sometimes area leaders feel like the community gets overlooked or passed up since there are so many people representing the area.

“We see all of Hixson as the Hixson community and we’re also part of Chattanooga,” said Queen. “By pulling everyone together we hope to focus attention on the overall community and make it a more vibrant area.”

For more information about the forum or upcoming monthly meetings, contact Queen at 875-5338 or email dqueen@qfsc.com.


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