Carry the Cross Ministries bears homage to Jesus

The two-week rain that recently soaked the area and dampened people’s spirits had cleared, but drivers still squinted at the site before them.

The large crosses Josh Payne and a group of faithful followers from Red Bank’s One Accord Community Church were shouldering on their walk through town were getting heavy and their shoulders hurt, but they didn’t stop. Jesus hadn’t. And the 6-foot crosses the group was carrying were not as large as the one he had to bear.


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Carry the Cross Ministries founder Josh Payne, 18, left, and fellow youth at One Accord Community Church in Red Bank carry crosses down Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank in January.

“When the pain sets in you say ‘Well look what Jesus did for me. Why can’t you do it for him?’” said Payne, an 18-year-old One Accord member who recently started Carry the Cross Ministries. “The walk itself tears at your shoulders and legs and does make you tired. When we unload crosses out of vehicles, if someone gets too tired to carry it, then someone else steps in to help them carry it. I wonder how Jesus felt when he carried a cross.”

The 3.5-mile walk the group made from Walgreen’s down Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank Jan. 12 was the first one.

“We want to do a walk at the end of every month,” said Payne, adding that the group solicits donations prior to the walk. The more miles the group walks, the more money is collected for a charity. In January they raised money for His Hands Ministry. “One lady pulled over and clapped for us,” said Payne.

Carry the Cross Ministries will skip February and resume the monthly Red Bank walks March 30. The group plans to also host a walk in downtown Chattanooga in April.


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