Falling Water Elementary presents ‘Last Stop ’Til Christmas’

Those who have tired of the same old elementary school Christmas pageant will be pleasantly surprised with Falling Water Elementary’s “Last Stop ’Til Christmas,” being presented at the school Thursday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.

“It’s something new to the area,” director Joel D. Scribner said of the story, which involves a group of disgruntled people sitting at a bus stop.

The group at the bus stop is severely lacking in Christmas spirit, when a character suggestively named Angela helps them rediscover the magic of the season.

The play features a cast of 29 and crew of 13 Falling Water students. Tickets for the show are $7 and seats are assigned, so Scribner advises calling the school office early for the best seats.

“It’s important for the local population to support the school’s mission,” he said, adding that all profits made from the show will go to the PTA’s general fund. “It’s not the typical elementary school pageant. I treat these kids just like my community actors — that’s the bar I set and they strive for that.”

Student Spencer Salee said the play will help teach audience members the Christmas spirit.

“It also gives you the courage to get up on stage and talk if you’re very shy,” she said.

Scribner said working on the production has not only taught the students public speaking skills, but self-confidence and responsibility as well.

“Exposing kids to theater helps them in so many aspects of their lives,” he said.

Student Maya Scribner said it is a great play for kids who want to be actors, as it features characters who are both sweet and snarky.

Joel Scribner said he hopes the lesson the audience takes away from the play is that situations are more often than not what you make of them. Angela changes the way the other characters look at things, and their attitude transforms into something more positive, he explained.