Briar Patch store reveals hidden gems


Signal Mountain residents Rob and Theresa Nix are the owners of the Briar Patch, a new source for antiques and handmade items.

Plenty of gems are hiding in the Briar Patch, Chattanooga’s newest spot for finding antiques, refurbished furniture, gifts and handmade goods. Located at the foot of Signal Mountain across from Baylor School, the Briar Patch will be open from now until Sunday, Dec. 15.

After that date, owners Rob and Theresa Nix of Signal Mountain said they are unsure what the store’s hours will be. They said it may open only on weekends until summertime, when they plan to keep it open full time.

Soccer keeps the couple fairly busy most of the time, as they coach a total of five teams on Signal Mountain between them, said Theresa Nix, who also teaches physical education at LaFayette Middle School.

“I’ve always had an interest in making things and doing art, and I love to decorate,” she said, as to why she wanted to open the Briar Patch.

“We wanted to provide people with a venue to sell their stuff,” added her husband.

He describes the Briar Patch as a more permanent version of the Chattanooga Market, where artisans can sell handmade items as well as foods such as jams, jellies and apple butter.

Rob Nix made several of the tables found in the store, and he said he plans to up his production as demand increases.

The couple found their location through their landlord’s daughter, who was on one of their soccer teams, said Theresa Nix.

They said they plan to expand the store by gradually adding more artists. People who sell their items through the Briar Patch can either pay a percentage of their sales or a set fee, Theresa Nix said. The store currently has 14 artists featured.