Shaggy Chic celebrates a year of grooming in Apison

Vickie LaRose was inspired to start her own business when she heard the story of the McKee Baking Company for the first time.

The retired horse trainer was in physical therapy recovering from an injury when her therapist told her about the local entrepreneurs that had built the prominent Collegedale company.


Rachel Sauls

Shaggy Chic Pet Salon owner Vickie LaRose grooms her dog at the Apison business. From small designer dogs to larger varieties and cats, she can do it all, she said.

“After hearing that story I decided to put myself through school, apprenticed for over a year and then started my business,” said LaRose. “It’s been wonderful. I just love working with the community and getting to know people.”

Located at 10938 London Lane in Apison, her Shaggy Chic Pet Salon has been open for more than a year now providing full-service grooming to cats and dogs. From older pets to those that are sometimes high risk or that require high maintenance, LaRose said she takes them all.

“Customers can expect I will treat animals with respect,” she said. “I will always be kind and gentle and treat them just like my own.”

After training horses for many years and being around animals all of her life, LaRose said she feels she has a special knack for handling animals and making them feel at ease. The quiet, comfortable atmosphere of the pet salon also helps relax the animals she serves, she said.

In addition to working to make sure they are calm, LaRose said she also enjoys customizing an animal’s grooming style to their owner’s specifications and the animal’s personality.

“The thing I enjoy the most is interacting with the animals and taking a shaggy dog and making it chic,” she said. “I take a lot of care to shape the face in a way that brings out the animal’s personality. For a lot of animals it’s a relief and it’s almost like putting a smile on their face.”

Once the animals are groomed, LaRose provides them with a bandana or custom-made bows and ties. She said she enjoys bringing that personalized and creative aspect to her business.

The groomer said her prices are “very competitive.” For more information or a price estimate contact the salon at 236-4190.


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