Erlanger at Volkswagen Drive open to the community

Erlanger Health System’s location on Volkswagen Drive is a one-stop shop for the community’s health and wellness needs, said President of ContinueCare Health Services Inc. Donna Bourdon.


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Erlanger at Volkswagen Drive is a fully functioning wellness center open to the entire community.

Although Erlanger at Volkswagen Drive is situated directly across from the Volkswagen plant, the wellness center is actually meant to serve the entire community. The center was initially designed for growth when it was opened in July 2011, according to Bourdon.

“We are a full-service wellness center including family practice, subspecialty services, dental services and fitness services,” she said. “Our patient satisfaction ratings are at 98 percent. I think our patients like the people. They feel the people we have out here really care about them as individuals and about their health.”

The facility features the fully functioning family practice of Dr. Susan Rapp, M.D., a Work Force Corporate Health office with Dr. McKinley Lundy, an on-site pharmacy, a 13,000-square-foot child care facility next door and a fitness center managed by the Sports Barn.

“My philosophy is to walk the talk,” said Rapp. “Seventy-five percent of our health care dollars are spent on managing chronic diseases [such as diabetes, which affects a huge population in this area]. We try to prevent these diseases with early identification and strong education. We can enlist the medical process [in the family wellness office] and then we can hand patients over to the fitness center, which I do frequently.”

The family practice serves patients from the age of 2 and up, and includes the services of a nurse practitioner and doctors who practice different specialties, from hypertension to neurology and sleep medicine.

The Work Force Corporate Health Office sees employees of about 400 businesses that need everything from physicals to TB tests to flu shots, as well as those that are hurt on the job. This component of the overall facility also focuses on the idea of preventative medicine.

“One of the things I focus on is not just seeing a person [for their injury],” said Lundy. “We talk about what we can do to keep the injuries from happening again. The name of the game is to get them moving.”

Orthodontist Dr. Don Flanagan is setting up an office in the center in January, said Bourdon, and is bringing along a general dentist as part of his practice as well. Also joining the wellness “village” in January will be a dermatologist.

The on-site pharmacy caters to anyone in the community who needs to drop off a prescription or even stop by for last-minute shopping, as it provides products similar to what one would find in a convenience store, including a photo kiosk, coffee bar and some groceries. A pharmacist is always present to assist patients during pharmacy hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“The atmosphere is very welcoming and inclusive,” said Bourdon. “The staff really takes the time to listen to the patients’ concerns. This is a place where we are going to know you and we’d like to have a long-term relationship with you to help you meet your health goals.”

To reach Dr. Rapp’s family practice call Erlanger at Volkswagen Drive, located at 7380 Volkswagen Drive, call 778-8950 or visit www.erlanger.org.


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