Collegedale holding special called commission meeting

The Collegedale City Commission is holding a special called meeting Monday, Nov. 26 at 6 p.m. for public hearing notices on several properties which are in the process of being annexed by the city.

Specifically, the meeting will include a time of public hearing for approximately 10 properties on Lee Highway near Pine Hill Road that will be zoned as C-2 commercial once they are part of the city. A citizen complaint made by the owner of Hummer Auto Repair forced that zoning designation, as determined by the city’s Planning Commission, to be discussed again by that body.

Even though Collegedale City Planner Kelly Martin said the MUBC multi-use business center zoning designation would accommodate the property owner’s storage needs for all his supplies, trucks and equipment in a way C-2 does not, the Planning Commission decided to continue with its original C-2 zoning designation.

According to Planning Commission members, the intention for that entire area is for it to eventually become a commercial corridor, which is why they plan to zone it as C-2, despite the citizen complaint.

Martin explained that under the current grandfathering rules the property owner would be allowed to continue using his property the way it is already being used, but the property owner expressed concern at being able to receive bank financing for future projects on the property under the C-2 zoning designation.

The Planning Commission discussed the issue and decided to stick with its original C-2 designation, which will be up for discussion at the Nov. 26 meeting. The property owner does not anticipate any immediate bank financing and the Planning Commission stated it did not want to conduct business based on “what ifs.” The special called meeting is necessary in order to give enough public notice and make sure the property is in the city before the end of the year.

“It’s much better to have annexation finished before the end of the year,” said City Attorney Sam Elliott. “Otherwise you have properties in the city for a year before you can start collecting property tax.”

Martin said he has been working to help the city strategically annex properties within the city’s urban growth boundaries at the City Commission’s request.


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