Video Gaming on the Go brings entertainment to you

Camp Big Fish is known in the North Hamilton community for hosting a summer day camp for elementary-aged kids at Abba’s House in Hixson. This month, camp owner Jeremy Deitch launched a new year-round division of the faith-based organization that is catching the attention of kids and adults alike: Video Gaming on the Go.


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Jeremy Deitch, owner of Camp Big Fish and its new Video Gaming on the Go trailer, says kids love the gaming trailer, which offers four high-definition big screens and space enough for 16 players.

The mobile gaming station is situated in a trailer that can be parked at every kind of event, from birthday parties, festivals and ball games to camps and corporate functions. Deitch got the idea after seeing attendance and enthusiasm at his day camp skyrocket when he hired another local mobile gaming company to entertain the campers last summer.

“The kids had a blast with it at summer camp, so we wanted to provide it for the community for birthday parties, corporate parties, [etc.],” he said. “It’s just started and we’ve [taken the trailer] to four parties in the last two weeks.”

The trailer carries four wide screens, two Xbox 360’s and two Nintendo Wii’s, with enough space left to accommodate up to 16 players at one time. As the trailer is climate controlled, it can make for the perfect gaming space during any season of the year.

“One of the great things about us is the pricing,” said Deitch. “We are basically priced at half the price [compared to other mobile gaming companies].”

Kids aren’t the only demographic Video Gaming on the Go can entertain, he noted. The gaming trailer is the perfect diversion to relieve stress at corporate events, and parents sometimes have as much fun as their kids trying their hand at Mario Kart, he said.

“You can see it in the kids’ faces; they get excited. They want to get in the trailer before we set it up and turn the generator on. If you are throwing a birthday party for your kids and can’t figure out what to do, this is a no-brainer,” said Deitch. “But it’s not just for birthday parties. We can use it for anything.”

Most of the featured games are rated E so that everyone can play, but upon a parent’s request teen-rated games are also available, such as Call of Duty or Indiana Jones. Other E-rated games offered are Madden NFL, Mario Kart and Wii sports like bowling, tennis and baseball.

To book the Video Gaming on the Go trailer for a party or event call 504-1622 or email directors@campbigfish.org. Visit www.campbigfish.org for more information and rental dates.


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