Doherty recycling leftover yarn into caps for kids

An avid knitter, Fox Run resident Pat Doherty has accumulated a large stockpile of old yarn left over from previous projects. She found a use for the yarn about four years ago, when she started knitting hats to send to troops stationed in Afghanistan.

“I have all this yarn but don’t have much of any [particular kind], so I figured I’d make something small with it,” she said.

She was running low on camouflage colors last winter, so she used her bright colors to knit caps that she dropped off at the Community Kitchen. This year she plans to donate the 75 hats she knitted and crocheted throughout June and July to Coats for Kids.

“I just sit in the evening in my corner and watch TV and knit,” she said as to how she managed to finish so many caps, which encompass a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes. “It’s something you can bring with you in your purse.”

She said each hat takes her three to four hours to complete.

“If I know I’m going to be somewhere more than a half hour [my knitting] goes in the purse,” said Doherty. “My husband just kind of looks at me and shakes his head.”

She said she plans to continue to knit hats each year to donate to a charitable organization, which she will surprise by showing up at the door with a bag and a heart full of warmth.


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