Sunday on Signal starts Saturday

The 30th annual Sunday on Signal shopping event organized by the Mountain Business Association starts Saturday, Nov. 10 and continues through Sunday, Nov. 11.

Local musicians and community groups will be performing in various locations near the town’s retail centers throughout the weekend, and MBA member businesses will offer special promotions and discounts to entice shoppers to journey up the mountain.

Accents owner Karie Holmes is continuing her tradition of letting customers pick a Hershey’s Kiss out of a bag at the register to determine their discount, with each color representing a certain percentage off the entire purchase ranging from 10-20 percent. Jeff Price said at J&S Shoes he usually offers a 10 percent storewide discount, excluding brands such as Dansko and Ugg.

“It’s always a big event and we get a lot of people from the valley who come up here,” said Price. “Most of the time it ends up being the biggest weekend of the entire year for us.”

At 12 Paws, Betty Crawford will be hosting Gabriela Picolo, the student artist who does the hand-painted dog ornaments sold at the store, to take custom orders at least one day that weekend.

MBA member businesses in the service industry, such as interior designers, plumbers or landscaping professionals, have been invited to set up in the former Pie Slingers space at Ashley Plaza, a return to a previous arrangement that had them set up in previously unoccupied space at Signal Crossing.

“It’s a good way for somebody wanting to get information out there that doesn’t have a storefront [to do that],” said Price.

Several stores such as Accents will be serving refreshments to keep shoppers’ energy up, as attendees must visit at least four out of six shopping centers on the mountain for a chance to win $50 gift cards. Shoppers can pick up a card at the first store they visit, which is stamped when they go to any of the six centers, which include Signal Crossing, Pruett’s, Signal Plaza, Ashley Plaza, Ace Hardware and Signal Mountain Nursery. Attendees then drop their card off at the last store they visit to be entered in the drawing to win one of four gift cards redeemable at participating MBA businesses.

Shop til you drop

Signal Crossing, Ashley Plaza and Pruett’s are on the 1200-1300 blocks of Taft Highway, and Ace Hardware is at 2000 Taft Highway. Signal Mountain Nursery is at 1100 Hubbard Road.


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