Walden resident offers ‘Design on the Spot’

Walden resident Sandy Kuenzli incorporates her love of interior design, art and architecture in her new business, Design on the Spot. The goal of the business is to redecorate a space using items the client, either a Realtor or homeowner, already owns.

“So many people have so many things in their house they don’t know what to do with,” said Kuenzli, a certified stager trained in the “visual coordination style” of placement that aims to unify the contents and the structure. “If they just had a little help arranging and organizing their homes they would be less cluttered, and when you’re home you really want to enjoy your space.”

She said redoing an entire home typically takes a few days, and decorating a room takes just three to four hours. Clients can go run a few errands and return home to a vastly improved space without spending a fortune on new items.

“I like to keep things ‘green,’ so I try and rearrange, reuse and repurpose, using what they have to create a room that’s bright and inviting,” said Kuenzli. “By changing the color of the walls and rearranging furniture and art, it feels like a brand new home.”

Small adjustments such as removing clutter, changing lighting or improving traffic flow can make a big difference, she said.

“It’s not about spending thousands and thousands of dollars,” she said. “It’s about taking what you have and being creative.”

Kuenzli noted that a staged home sells for 17 percent more than an unstaged home.

“For Realtors, I try to explain first impressions really do matter,” she said, adding that 90 percent of buyers are unable to see an unstaged home’s potential. “It’s nice to have someone come in who knows what they’re doing and help buyers visualize what their lifestyle would be in the home.”

She said Realtors will recover at least 340 percent of the cost of her services in the sale of the home.

“I wish more Realtors would use me, because a staged home sells faster,” said Kuenzli.


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