Fire station on horizon in Ooltewah

The city of Chattanooga is in the preliminary process of adding a new fire station at 5309 Hunter Road to serve the Ooltewah area.

The City Council recently authorized the Chattanooga Fire Department to enter into a contract for the purchase of a $225,000 parcel of land previously owned by Miller Land Holdings that will be the future site of a fire station.

“We are in the very early stages of this,” said Chattanooga Fire Department public information officer Bruce Garner. “The main thing is to secure the land for this station. No funds have been appropriated for the station.”

Chattanooga Fire Department Operations Chief Chris Adams said current annexation efforts in the Ooltewah area by the city of Chattanooga along with continued growth in the region were the Fire Department’s main reasons for adding a station there.

He said the station will primarily house one fire engine but will have the capacity to house two.

“Strategically, we build larger than what we need and plan for the future,” said Adams. “We tend to keep stations for 60, 70 and 80 years, so it’s important that we build them larger than what we initially expect. That area we really expect to grow in the coming years. The more structures you have in an area, the more fire protection you need.”

Currently there is no funding available for the construction of the station. Growth and other priorities in the Chattanooga Fire Department coverage area will determine when that funding comes available, he said.

“It could be as much as a year or two away,” said Adams in regards to the station’s construction. “We would like to start as soon as possible but we have to have that funding first.”

Until the new station is built, he said residents living in the area will continue to receive fire protection from the Tri-Community Fire Department.


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