New roads linking 1-75, Enterprise South, VW

Two local roadwork projects are under way that will help bring better connectivity to Highway 58, Enterprise South, Volkswagen and I-75.

The first project, a new road from Highway 58 at Clark Road that will connect to the Volkswagen Supplier Park, will create a second access point to Enterprise South for the public and serve as a private industrial access route for trucks entering the Volkswagen campus.

“There’s a lot of moving parts out here,” said City of Chattanooga Department of Public Works Administrator Steve Leach. “We are working to make sure we can support further growth in the area.”

He said this project is currently in the engineering phase and should be completed sometime in 2014. Once complete, he said the additional access to Enterprise South Nature Park will likely open up some new opportunities within the park.

There has been discussion of acquiring horses to be kept at the park for public trail riding in an area that will be easily accessible after the road project is complete, he said.

The second project under way will extend Discovery Drive all the way to Highway 58.

“Hickory Valley Road will no longer be the major route,” said Leach.

He said the reason for this extension is to provide a more seamless transition for motorists going from I-75 to Highway 58. It will also decrease the number of people traveling on Hickory Valley Road and the S-curves on that road.

“Highway 58 is a great opportunity,” said Leach. “It’s a major state road and it’s our dream to make sure we have connection from the interstate to Highway 58. We need that infrastructure to support what’s going on.”

The Discovery Drive extension project is currently in the engineering phase and Leach said he does not have a tentative date for roadway construction.


Thank goodness it is at VW, otherwise it would be a mess like the jole the state is playing on us at Shallowford Road. Construction by 2 men and a truck supported by the 100 hands in pocket gang...