Chattanooga airport now undergoing cargo expansion

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport is currently undergoing a $2.3 million cargo expansion that will equip the airport to handle more cargo traffic in the coming years.

“In cargo, we have seen a 200 percent increase in activity during 2012, and it is clear that we need to grow our infrastructure to keep pace with the air cargo needs of our growing community,” said Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Director of Marketing and Communications Christina Siebold.

The first phase of a cargo ramp expansion is currently underway, she said, which will increase the ramp 55 feet to the south and 90 feet to the east. So far this year, the local FedEx distribution center has upgraded from a small propeller plane to a large 727 jet and then again to an even larger 757 jet.

“It is critical for us to ensure our infrastructure can support that demand,” said Siebold.

The current project, which is scheduled for completion in late 2013, is being funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Chattanooga Airport Authority. Future cargo expansions are also a possibility, she said.

“The airport has three major areas of focus in order to support local economic development: commercial air service, air cargo service and private general aviation and corporate aviation,” said Siebold. “In order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all three sectors, the airport must evaluate and respond to the needs of our community.”

For more information about the project contact the airport at 855-2200.


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