Soddy-Daisy commits $50,000 to historic Poe’s Tavern project


Soddy-Daisy’s Bill Carney, left, presents his proposal for Poe’s Tavern to be erected in the lot next to Soddy-Daisy City Hall. Soddy-Daisy Commissioner Shane Harmon, center, and Soddy-Daisy Mayor Jim Adams lend their support for the project. Photo by Katie Ward

The city od Soddy-Daisy plans to provide $50,000 to Chattanooga Woodworking Academy’s project to construct a replica of Poe’s Tavern adjacent to Soddy-Daisy City Hall.

“We have a tremendous history with Poe’s Tavern,” said Soddy-Daisy’s Bill Carney, director of Chattanooga Woodworking Academy. “Poe’s Tavern was originally constructed in 1817 by Hasten Poe, an early settler in the Tennessee Valley.”

Carney said the Lyndhurst Foundation will match the city’s contribution. Soddy-Daisy Board of Commissioners also agreed to help raise funds from the private sector and attempt to secure grants from both state and federal agencies to aid in the completion of the project.

Carney said Poe’s Tavern was Hamilton County’s first courthouse and county seat. It also served as a way station for the Trail of Tears and as a hospital during the Civil War.

Carney said the new Poe’s Tavern will be a museum to house historical artifacts, documents, photos and antiques. He said his students began preparing logs March 12. He said the cabin will be complete in late summer or early fall.

“It would be a central gathering place to attract people,” said Carney, who hopes the city will develop a park around the building and turn it into a town square for Soddy-Daisy. “The most expense for the park would be a walking track around it. We could sell pavers as a fundraiser to build the track.”

He said he envisions six pavilions on the right side of the park and eight pavilions on the left side with trees surrounding the area.

“Soddy-Daisy is a very giving community,” said Carney. “We were here before Chattanooga. We have more history. We need to exploit that. Two million tourists come to Chattanooga. If 10,000 come to Soddy-Daisy, they can eat, buy gas and a T-shirt.”

Carney said residents and businesses can buy a log to put on Poe’s Tavern for $1,000 each. He said the donor’s name will go on a plaque to hang on the house. Carney said he plans to buy a log because he wants to see his name on the tavern.


• Any historical groups or private citizens that would like to become involved by financial contributions or volunteer help can contact Bill Carney at chattwoodacademy@yahoo.com or 842-1469.


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